Season end to JRs and TAs

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Jon Grimwood
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Season end to JRs and TAs

Postby Jon Grimwood » 02 Mar 2008, 17:57

Another great Jackrabbit and Track Attack season has finished at Kawartha Nordic. We wrapped things up on Saturday with a fun ski-orienteering event and a social BBQ. Many thanks to all those who helped out and a special thanks to our volunteer staff this winter, we could not have done this without you.
Thank you to:
Jill Ritchie
Dave Rutledge
Lynn Kostuch
Jon Grimwood
Ann Grimwood
Becky Scriver
Anne Leavons
Sean Kelly
Rachel Heron
Simon Walker
Todd Harris
... and our high school student volunteers...
Terry Milne
Richard Barlow
Caroline Sadlier
Kelly Milne
Bobby Green
Brad Parsons
Kyle Gibbons
Ryley Hilker
Paul Handy
Caitlin Hardil
Becky Olscher
Rachel Lawless

Thanks for all the kind words that have been shared this season in regards to our program and its staff. We are very proud of our children's programs and we looking forward to continuing to develop them in the future.
Now we look ahead another fantastic season of Jackrabbits and Track Attack at KNSC next year.
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Re: Season end to JRs and TAs

Postby rutekorob » 05 Dec 2018, 07:09

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