transfer whatsapp to new iphone without icloud?

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transfer whatsapp to new iphone without icloud?

Postby fivehead » 28 Nov 2018, 03:02

Another method you can use to transfer the WhatsApp messages is to make use of the Backup feature in WhatsApp- backup the WhatsApp chat on your iPhone and then restore them on your new Samsung S9. After backing up the WhatsApp chat on iPhone, you need to uninstall the application on the device so you should make sure that you have made the backup successfully before removing the App or you would lose them permanently.When the backup process finished, you can exit the application and then remove it from your iPhone. After that, you can turn on your Samsung S9 and go to Google Play Store to download and install the latest WhatsApp on the device. Next, you should sign in with the same WhatsApp account that you have used on iPhone.

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