Coaching at KNSC

01 Sep 2018

Bruce Wurtele

Are you interested and willing to volunteer as a coach for Kawartha Nordic's youth programs? Read on for more info on the training and certification requirements and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). To get in touch please email us at


Coaches are at the core of the Athlete Development system as they have the most influence and responsibilities in developing athletes. As such it is critical for Cross Country Canada (CCC) and divisions to have complete standardized and reliable data in regards to who is an active coach, how many there are and what their coach training/ National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) statuses is.

In order to adhere to these standards KNSC has been training new and returning coaches to be able to uphold CCC minimum coaching requirements to run our Skill Development Programs (SDP) Bunnies, Jackrabbit etc. The amount of qualified coaches will directly affect the number of participants we can accept into the program, therefore we have set out a training schedule to be complete prior to the opening of program registration.

Step 1:

  • All coaches complete CAC Coach Initiation in Sport (1 hour online) by September 15.

Step 2:

  • All of coaches must have the CCC Intro to Community Coaching (ICC) training complete by October 1 (4 hours online) or earlier if you are taking the CCI L2T course.

Step 3

  • All 'Lead' Jackrabbit coaches should complete the CC course by December 15.

Step 4

  • All of our 'Lead' Track Attack and L2T coaches will complete the CCI L2T (September 21-23 Location at Kawartha Environment Centre). Online registration

Step 5:


  • KNSC will reimburse fees associated with training programs
  • Coaches must sign up online for a free coaching license
    • The License is free.
    • Online registration: 
    • All coaches coaching for more than 7 hours/year need to sign up for the CCC Coaching License before starting to coach after July 1st 2018. On July 1st 2018, the CCC Coaching License will be necessary to continue benefiting from CCC’s liability insurance coverage along other benefits
    • Note that if you have signed up for the 2017-18 Coach licence you need to sign up again for the 2018-19 licence.
    • The CCC coaching license is aimed at all active cross country ski coaches in Canada who are coaching at least 7 hours per year with a registered cross country ski club (with their division).
    • An “active” coach is anyone who performs typical coaching tasks with a registered club, including delivering practices or assisting with delivery of practices, with any age group, for at least 7 hours per year.
    • Personal information collected is kept private and may only be used for risk management, planning and communication purposes between Cross Country Ski de fond Canada, the coach’s club and division.
    • The license is renewable on a yearly basis, starting June 15th and effective July 1st of each year.

For more information on CCC minimum coaching qualifications please click the link below to review Cross-Country Ski De Fond Canada Minimum mandatory coaching qualifications (policy 2.4.5).