Grooming Report

Need to wax your skis before heading out? We have a self-service wax room in the trailer directly behind the rental shop and day pass trailer. Tables and forms are provided but bring your own wax supplies and iron. Need somewhere to change or leave a bag while you ski? Change rooms and shelves to leave a bag are located in the lower level of the Woodfine chalet. Upstairs is a wonderful spot for a lunch break or rest up before your next ski!

There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Always check conditions before skiing, show courtesy to others, and adhere to the skier responsibility code for a safe outdoor experience.

Notes from Thu 21-Mar-2019: Trails are open today. Tanney-PL and Laderach loops were groomed yesterday. Trails are fast with icy spots this morning and will soften as the day warms. Please do not ski on un-groomed trails. Be careful on icy areas in the parking lot and stadium. We plan on maintaining the trails as long as there is sufficient snow or until the last week-end in March whichever comes first. As we move into spring skiing the trails will start the day hard in the am and become softer as the day progresses. You may have to time your ski to suit your snow preference.

Tanney LoopLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Trillium5 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Beaver1.2 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Red Fox1.1 km
Kawartha (S of Wolf)2.7 km Sat 16-Mar-2019
Kawartha (N of Wolf)2.4 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Wolf0.6 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Owl2.2 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
PL Road2.1 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Bennett4.8 kmUngroomed Wilderness Trail
Laderach LoopLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Fisher (W of Adam Scott)1.1 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Fisher (E of Adam Scott)1.2 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Adam Scott (N of Fisher)1.4 km 
Adam Scott (Fisher to Laderach)0.7 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Adam Scott (S of Laderach)0.8 km 
Deer1.4 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Rabbit1.5 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Kenner (S of Fisher)4 km 
Kenner (N of Fisher)3.1 km 
Secondary TrailsLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Peanut0.9 km 
Butter0.3 km Sat 16-Mar-2019
Jam0.5 km 
Sugar Shack0.6 km 
Olympic0.8 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
High Road0.6 km 
The Hills0.8 km 
Shake0.5 km 
Rattle0.8 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Roll1.6 km Sun 17-Mar-2019
Church's Hill0.4 km 
Lit AreaLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Stadium Loop1.3 km