Trail Work

24 Oct 2018

Bruce Wurtele

12 Nov 2018

Trail clearing, firewood splitting, signs, cabin cleanup... there are a lot of jobs to get ready for the winter season and lots of volunteers that help out. Thank you!

While we have a few organized work days in the fall, much of the volunteering is more organic whereby small groups come up on their own schedule to pitch in where they can. If you have a plan to come up and would like a few extra hands, email us ( and we'll post your date here. Have you been up to volunteer? Send us an update via email so we know where to direct the next volunteers.

Trail Clearing: while the trails are mechanically mowed each fall, the trails can always use more TLC to remove branches, sticks and stones from the trail bed. Our groomers especially appreciate removal of large stones that 'pop-up' on the trail from frost heaving. Use your loppers to cut back over-hanging branches that intefere with safe skiing. The snowshoe trails will also get a pass-through for brushing and removal of any fallen trees. Report any large fallen trees you come across.

Firewood: our cabins are warm and cozy all winter thanks to the wood stoves.... but not without firewood. Behind the Woodfine chalet is firewood central where logs are bucked and split and then stacked in the wood shed and under the deck. If you find a large pile of split firewood, then feel free to stack it in the woodshed by the back door or under the deck. There is a good pile of firewood at Tanney cabin that currently needs stacking in the woodshed. Oct 30 Update: the firewood at Tanney has been stacked but we will be taking another few loads to Tanney and Laderach cabins that will require stacking. Check back for updates.

Work Days:

More dates will be posted as we confirm leads.

A volunteer coordinator will be at the Woodfine Chalet at the beginning of the day and will leave instructions for those arriving later in the day

  • November 12 - 10am - 2pm
  • additional dates ... check back for details

Please RSVP to Please bring work gloves, work boots/ footwear, snacks and drinks, loppers, handsaws, trimmers or any other equipment you might make good use of.