Grooming Report

There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Always check conditions before skiing, show courtesy to others, and adhere to the skier responsibility code for a safe outdoor experience.

Notes from Mon 18-Jan-2021: We re set track on the Tanney Loop and set 1 track on PL Skate lane was refreshed on blue, red and orange loops. Laderach loop is groomed with a single trackset (bumpy and thin). Kawartha south of Wolf is open but very thin with no trackset. Enjoy your ski.

Tanney LoopLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Trillium5 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
Beaver1.2 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
Red Fox1.1 km 
Kawartha (S of Wolf)2.7 kmMon 18-Jan-2021
Kawartha (N of Wolf)2.4 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
Wolf0.6 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
Owl2.2 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
PL Road2.1 km Mon 18-Jan-2021
Bennett4.8 kmUngroomed Wilderness Trail
Laderach LoopLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Fisher (W of Adam Scott)1.1 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Fisher (E of Adam Scott)1.2 km Wed 11-Mar-2020
Adam Scott (N of Fisher)1.4 kmMon 4-Jan-2021
Adam Scott (Fisher to Laderach)0.7 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Adam Scott (S of Laderach)0.8 km 
Deer1.4 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Rabbit1.5 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Kenner (S of Fisher)4 km 
Kenner (N of Fisher)3.1 km 
Secondary TrailsLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Peanut0.9 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Butter0.3 kmSat 16-Jan-2021
Jam0.5 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Sugar Shack0.6 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Olympic0.8 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
High Road0.6 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
The Hills0.8 kmSun 17-Jan-2021
Shake0.5 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Rattle0.8 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Roll1.6 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
StadiumLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
LED Loop2.2 km Sun 17-Jan-2021
Church's Hill0.4 kmSun 17-Jan-2021
Snowshoe TrailsLengthStatusLast GroomedConditions
Sugar Shack2.9 kmUngroomed Snowshoe Trail
Wetlands3.4 kmUngroomed Snowshoe Trail
Laderach2.4 kmUngroomed Snowshoe Trail