Fat Biking Sunday

21 Dec 2019

Kim DeLeenheer

22 Dec 2019

Fat biking: just a fad or here to stay? We are conducting a fat biking test this Sunday, December 22. The bikes will be ridden on closed trails and closely monitored to see what kind of impact they have on the trails. Stay tuned as we learn more! Want to join us? Meet at Woodfine chalet at 10:30am or Email or call the rental shop (705) 931-5672.

Update: The fat biking test day turned out to be quite fun.  When the temperature was below zero, tire tracks were not very noticeable on the snow, and seems to be a nice option when the trail conditions aren't great for skiing.  There is still a lot to discuss to make this sport work at the club (including insurance issues) so please stay tuned as we work it out!

Fat biking