Fat Biking Pilot Project

19 Dec 2020

Kim Deleenheer

We are excited to pilot fat biking at Kawartha Nordic as an opportunity for members and day users to extend the winter season, and to experience the outdoors in a new way.

Kawartha Nordic is using this project to gather information on how we may be able to offer this opportunity before making any decisions about fat biking in future years. As a pilot project, the guidelines below may change throughout the year as we try different ideas.

Fat Biking Guidelines

  1. Fat biking is only permitted while accompanied by a guide and while riding with a Wild Rock Outfitters ride group.
  2. Ride groups will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people.
  3. Ride groups will only be operating on Wednesdays and Sundays. Ride guides will assess the trail conditions as well as the daily attendance and will endeavour to use closed and/or quieter trails to minimize impact on skiing.
  4. Ride groups will not use any trail when riding will cause damage to the trail, unless the trail is closed to skiing.
  5. Use of any trail for fat biking must be approved in advance by the General Manager or Facilities Manager.
  6. Bikes must have tires 3.5 inches or wider.
  7. Riders must wear a bike helmet.
  8. Riders are to give right-of-way to skiers and snowshoers.
  9. Riders are to preserve and avoid all trackset.
  10. Riders are required to sign a fat-biking specific waiver before any riding at Kawartha Nordic.
  11. Riders are required to be season or day pass holders.