Ontario State of Emergency

12 Jan 2021

Todd Harris

Please do not travel outside your Public Health Region to visit Kawartha Nordic.

The Premier of Ontario has declared a State of Emergency for the Province, and as such ammended the previous Province-wide Shutdown orders until Tuesday 16 February 2021.

We have confirmed with Peterborough Public Health, that as an outdoor amenity included in the allowed list Kawartha Nordic is permitted to remain open for personal exercise during the State of Emergency and that our COVID Safety Plan does not require revision. All programs and lessons will remain on hold until permitted by the Province.

KN staff and volunteers have been working hard to manage the safety of all visitors, and based on their experience over the last few weeks and feedback from members, they have identified a few key areas where we could do better at meeting Provincial directives:

  1. Avoid Crowds: A crowd is now 5, so please do not congregate. Junctions have especially led to accidental groups that we need to be diligent to avoid.

  2. Wear a Mask: A mask is required when not moving, and whenever people will be closer than 2m. As such, the deck of the Rental Shop should be considered a mandatory Mask Zone.

  3. Widely Space: When exercising without a mask please be sure to give others their 2m space.

Together, we can ensure a safe experience for everyone, and continue to enjoy Kawartha Nordic for personal enjoyment and excecise.