Welcome from Canadian Ski Patrol

27 Jan 2021

Wendi Reid

Kawartha Nordic Canadian Ski Patrol Members welcome you to the 2021 Season!

What a year this has been. We now have some snow and the facility is open for us to use.

Whether you are a veteran club member, a first timer, a displaced downhiller revisiting the sport, or are someone dusting off some skis that haven't seen snow in years, here are a few things to help you stay safe and have a good time on the trails in this season.

Please take care not to overdo it. Especially if it's your first time out recently. Blisters and tired legs don't make for a fun return trip from Tanney Cabin, or a sore and stiff tomorrow. Ease into it, pace yourself, and have fun!

Remember the warm up cabins are closed, except for emergencies. This means there are limited opportunities to warm up (or stop for lunch and have a wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches on the wood stove — we all miss those too!

Check the weather before you leave. Check that your ski equipment is in good order and dress in layers for the conditions. Have contingencies. This is especially important with warm up cabins temporarily closed.  Wind and dampness all tap into our ability to stay warm in the cold. Have regard for your environment and changing weather.

Contribute to a safe experience for all. Stay physically distanced, and have regard for others at all times. We truly are in this together!

Being prepared by carrying a few small items can really help make difficult situations better. Having a pack with an extra layer, wax for changing temperatures and conditions, some dry socks, a snack and a warm drink, a few bandaids for blisters, a hot pack for cold hands, a map and a phone or whistle to call for help, might greatly improve the situation.

Getting turned around, having an injury on a remote trail, or being out longer than expected all pose risks.

Look for us out on the trails and say "Hello".  Not only are we a friendly bunch, but as volunteers we are here to help.  If you, or you see someone in need of assistance, let’s support one another safely.

If you need assistance please call our direct line at 705-400-7277, so we can begin to coordinate a response to assist you. Have a wonderful season!