Travel Restrictions

19 Feb 2021

Todd Harris

If you are from a more restrictive zone, please respect our staff, volunteers, and other visitors by abiding by the Province's travel expectations as follows.

The Reopening Ontario plan gives the following explicit advice about travel at this time:

"Travel between regions will greatly increase the potential for spikes in community spread and undo all the progress we have made.
You should avoid travelling between zones (for example, from Grey-Lockdown to any other zone, Red-Control to Orange-Restrict or Yellow-Protect to Green-Prevent), except for essential reasons."

While we acknowledge that exercise is considered an essential reason for travel, for regions still under the Lock-down and Stay-at-Home order the Province states:

"You should not travel outside your region or the province unless absolutely necessary."

We have a duty to protect our staff and volunteers from exposure, so please

  • Do not visit Kawartha Nordic from any region in a Lock-down or Stay-at-Home order for any reason
  • Do not visit Kawartha Nordic from any more restrictive zone except for essential exercise, and only if you won't be interacting with others outside your own household