Moving to the Red Zone

08 Mar 2021

Todd Harris

Today, the Peterborough Health Region (Peterborough County) moved into a Red-Control Zone as part of Ontario's COVID Response Framework.

This new level brings a few additional restrictions and guidelines on top of those already in place and practiced as part of Kawartha Nordic's overall COVID Safety Plan.

  • KN must collect contact information and COVID screening responses from all employees, volunteers, and visitors, unless they are on-site only to exercise on their own and won't be interacting with KN staff or program groups. This information will be kept on file by KN, and released to Peterborough Public Health upon their request.
  • Outdoor social gatherings and organized events are limited to 25 people, and must adhere to physical distancing and mask guidelines.
  • Outdoor instructional groups are limited to 25 people total across all groups on the KN premises at the same time.
  • Team sports, and any games or sports that would likely result in individuals coming within 2m of each other are not permitted.

Please use the new KN COVID-19 Screening Tool each day before you visit Kawartha Nordic.