Trail Work Weekends

10 Oct 2021

Bruce Wurtele

23 Oct 2021 … 31 Oct 2021

Come and be part of the volunteer team onsite at Kawartha Nordic on the following dates between 11am and 4pm and participate in trail clearing and site preparation for the upcoming ski season.
  • October 16 and 17 - cancelled due to heavy rain forecast
  • October 23 and 24
  • October 30  - cancelled due to rain forecast
  • October 31
The tasks will be outlined on a whiteboard outside the rental trailer. Some of the tasks requiring attention are:
  • Firewood cutting, chopping splitting, and disbursement
  • Clearing the trails of debris and dead fall and trimming back.
  • Cleaning up growth around the trailers, lodge, stadium, and surrounding area
  • Disbursement of picnic tables
  • Relocation of asphalt
One area of fall trail work worth special mention is the revival of the old Adam Scott North trail, joining Adam Scott and Kenner north of Fisher. Work along this 700m area will be a bit more demanding than the other trail prep, but maintains historic value for the Kawartha Nordic trail network. This trail is being reopened as a 'wilderness' ungroomed trail for classic skiers.
Please bring what gear you have: shovels, loppers, clippers, axes… and dress to get dirty (work gloves, boots, eye protection etc.) Do what you can, every bit helps!
We ask that you continue to practice social distancing and wear your mask when in close proximity to others. The main Woodfine lodge and all outlying cabins will remain closed, but the washrooms and outhouses are still available for use. Please follow all posted COVID directives.