Update for Volunteers Options

27 Sep 2022

Wendi Reid

Thank you to those who have volunteered to assist with the Kawartha Nordic Youth Program. There are, however, still many spots open.

To run the program these positions still need to be filled;

Weekend Program;

  • 5 Bunnyrabbit Coaches 
  • 13 Jack Rabbit Coaches 
  • 20 Track Attack Coaches 

Midweek Programs;

  • 1 Racing Rabbit Coach
  • 3 U12/U14 Coaches

Check out KN's ivolunteer sign-up page to add your name to a program! 

We are also looking for 2 dynamic and experienced individuals to lead our Bunnyrabbit and Racing Rabbits positions. The Bunny Rabbits are a weekend program and the Racing Rabbits are midweek. The role isnt very different from the standard program coach, but you would be willing to mentor newer coaches, by answering questions and assisting with their daily program. The Communications and Volunteer Coordinator would be handling many of the logistics around our programs, such as group assignments, registration and volunteer coach recruitment, allowing the lead coaches to focus on the program, the other coaches and the athletes.

Visit the Lead Coach job descripton for more details.